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Here, you will find information on the services provided, the traditional cleaning products, the new Natural/Green (non-toxic)  Cleaning Products, the equipment used and the answers to some of the questions you may have.

Why Choose Robbie Maids?
*No contracts to sign so you have the freedom to start or stop services at any time; although some notice would be helpful.
* Low First Time Cleanings charges!
* 1 to 3 hours in and out of house (first time may take longer).
*Our rates are fair and affordable.  Many clients discover that after shopping around for housekeeping services, the rates we offer are some of the most affordable!
*We're efficient with Less Time Needed to Clean.  Our price quotes are very often substantially lower than the competition.
*We supply cleaning products. (unless you need a specialty product).
Equipment is provided by the home owner. (Vacuum etc..)
* We back our work with a guarantee. 
*We strive to provide services that will exceed expectations.
*Excellent references. Available upon request.

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Professional, Reliable, Affordable
Services you can Depend on!
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Average Rates
1 to 3  hour cleaning $60.00 - $120.00
(Depending on size of home)

Monthly cleanings
$90.00 +

Senior Discounts
$45 - $65

Prices may vary. Ask 4 details!

Routine Cleaning Services
*Beds linens changed if left out
(beds must be stripped) 
*All areas dusted
*Mirrors washed, cleaned and dried
*Window sills wiped
*Vacuum under the bed if accessible
*Trash emptied
*Carpets vacuumed
*Overall appearance of the room left neat and tidy

*Tub thoroughly cleaned, rinsed, and left shining
*Tiles and chrome cleaned and left shining
*Sinks scrubbed and left shining
*Toilets scrubbed inside and out
*Vanity top cleaned
* Mirrors cleaned
*Sills wiped down
* Trash emptied
*Vacuum /Wash floor

*Vacuum and/or wash floor

*Trash emptied
*Sinks scrubbed
*Outside of oven and refrigerator cleaned
*Sills wiped down
*Floor washed

All other living areas:
*All furniture dusted
*Sills wiped down
h and cushions straightened
*Newspapers, magazines and books straightened
*Hardwood or tile floors damp mopped
*Glass tables cleaned
*Carpets vacuumed
*Overall appearance of the room left neat and tidy

Custom cleaning plans are available per request.
We provide services that You want! 
(additional charges may apply depending on the service rendered).





Deep Cleaning Services:
(These services require prior notice & more time - Click Here for Supplemental Rate charges. )
*All walls & baseboards  door frames & woodwork cleaned lamp shades

*Lamp shades & draperies vacuumed

*Inside windows (easy 2 reach)
*Load dishwasher,
*Wash dishes
*Outside porch and walkway swept
*Inside stove & refrigerator
*Ceiling fans & Chandeliers
*Lite cooking

*Inside cabinets & drawers
*Grocery shopping
If there is something you would like to request, please do so.


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Need rooms painted; carpets laid or cleaned;  vanity and bathrooms tiled or restored?
We can HELP!!

Regular Cleaning
Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly

We Offer One-Time Cleanings
Spring/Fall Deep Cleaning
Before Home Showings
Vacant Properties

Special Occasions Temporary Cleanings
Family or Guest Arriving
Surgery, Illness and Bed rest
Holidays, Weddings, Graduation



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